3 thoughts on “CONTACT US”

  1. Monica Garber said:

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you from the bottom of heart for taking Mr. Ficano to task on these current issues involving Turkia Mullin. My husband has worked for the county for over 25 years as a Heavy Equipment Operator. He is a hard worker and a week before last Christmas a 20% paycut was imposed on him. No warning of any kind was given! This has been so hard on our family and many others. I understand cuts need to be made, but when you are in the middle of negotiations on a union contract this is intolerable. We are honest, hard working people and to see this kind of thievery and dishonesty from one man is terrible. Keep up the good fight!

    Thank you and God Bless you!

    Monica Garber

  2. John you caught my attention when you brought Wayne County Exc Ficano to the attention of the FBI…Thank you!!! We need your help please consider 3 strikes your out for repeat offenders…They are killing us on the street of Wayne county. Please we need your help.. YOU HAVE OUR SUPPORT IN DETROIT FOR RE-ELECTION….WE CAN’T WAIT ANY LONGER PLUS OUR JUDGES NEED STRICT GUIDE LINES….
    30 somthing old 2nd generation business owner!!!!

  3. you are a godsend. detroit needs more like you. you’d make a great mayor. we need to get the state & its flunky vulture/vampires into federal court. we need federal help.

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