DetnewsLansing — Two Detroit lawmakers have broken from Democratic ranks to form an alliance with Republican House Speaker Jase Bolger that provided the winning margin for controversial school legislation and could help him with such other proposals as auto insurance reforms.

State Reps. Harvey Santana and John Olumba say they’re working across the aisle to get help for their city, whose urgent needs are more important than legislative strategies under which members often are asked to vote as a block with others in their party on key issues. Continue reading

Rep. Olumba ranks amongst house legislators introducing legislation.

Rep. Olumba has accomplished more in the legislative agenda & state budget than any other Democratic Representative. See list of Bills.

HR 0139 of 2011      House Resolution      A resolution requesting that the Attorney General begin an investigation into the Office of the Wayne County Executive and other entities related to the severance payment scandal to determine if any misconduct or malfeasance occurred.

HR 0144 of 2011      House Resolution      A resolution to request the Auditor General to conduct a review of the practices of the Office of the Wayne County Executive pertaining to severance payments made when an officer left the county to work for the Wayne County Airport Authority and to look into contracts and agreements involving the Wayne County Community Mental Health Agency.

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Rep. Olumba gets $4.25M to prevent lead poisoning in Detroit and creates Public Boarding Schools.

Amidst a flurry of rejected budget amendments, Rep. Olumba manages to get $3.9Million and in the final budget analysis 4.25Million to prevent lead poisoning by remediating lead in Detroit homes. He also establishes legislation for public boarding schools – a first in the State of Michigan.

“After serving in the legislature and having analyzed the circumstance I knew as a veteran, I would be able to achieve more for the city of Detroit. Quite frankly, the Democrats from suburban areas have been refusing to fight with us and they are also refusing to negotiate opting instead for symbolic gestures. The Republicans are becoming more and more radical. Suburban communities will benefit whatever the case is with politics because their populations are half republican and half democrat. As Detroiters our politics have to evolve to a more strategic and tactical standard than what we have been seeing.”

Rep. Olumba Gets $3.9Million Amendment into Budget

Detroit lawmaker negotiates $3.9 million into budget for lead remediation of older homes in Detroit for families with children; along with language that will establish residential schools in Michigan.

DETROIT – State representative John Olumba negotiated to allocate 3.9 million dollars in sorely needed money to reduce the amount of lead in the older homes of Detroit and Michigan. Olumba also got language into the budget that would establish residential academies or public boarding schools in Michigan, a revolutionary education concept that has taken hold in Washington D.C. and has shown favorable results. The schools would provide low-income families the same level of high quality education options as wealthy families who have had access to private boarding schools such as Cranbrook of Bloomfield Hills.

“The homes in Detroit that will receive this service are homes that have children in them, and those children are at risk of having permanent mental and physical retardation because of lead poisoning. I was able to make sure that this point was not missed, and after moving some things around we made this funding a priority. It was a blessing.”

Olumba, in a floor speech that would convince the house to support the amendments, said that he would title the amendments after two stories that he was familiar with, “Manchild in the Promised Land” and “Flowers for Algernon”. Manchild in the Promised Land is a story written about an inner city youth overcoming tremendous odds to be successful. Olumba titled his amendment for the residential academies the ‘Manchild in the Promised Land Amendment’ as a nod to the famed novelist, Claude Brown. His other amendment that restores lead funding he called the ‘Flowers for Algernon Amendment” – a fictional novel that explores the treatment of mental retardation. Olumba linked the book to lead remediation, arguing that a lead paint chip the size of a fingernail, if eaten by a child, could cause serious mental and physical illness.

Olumba has argued that Lansing has refused to prioritize urban issues and that as a veteran legislator he would negotiate with either Democrats or Republicans in order to get resources beneficial to the city of Detroit. So far, he is proving to be correct.


Rep. John Olumba Going to the Feds with the Evidence 10/14/2011 | Channel 2 News

Posted by Staff: 10/14/2011

DETROIT (WJBK) – A state lawmaker says he is being pressed for trying to investigate Wayne County and its Executive Robert Ficano.

Rep. Olumba speaks to reporters following a meeting with the FBI in which he formally requested an investigation of Ficano.

John Olumba, D-Detroit, introduced House Bill 139 after it came to light that Turkia Mullin was paid a $200,000 severance when she left the county and took a job to run Detroit Metro Airport last month.

“There are a number of contracts that have been let in and around the county that don’t make sense,” said Olumba. “There are a number of different funds maintained by the county executive that need looking in to.”  Continue reading

A “Renegade” Official in Detroit Meets Cheers

By Jonathan P. Hicks – BET National News

John Olumba

John Olumba, a state representative in Michigan, says he is not bound to either the Democrats or Republicans, but to the people of Detroit. If nothing else, John Olumba has a history of going against the grain of conventional politics.

Olumba, a member of the Michigan House of Representatives from a district in Detroit, has made a practice of being a dissident voice in the state. In the process, he has perturbed the politicians and endeared himself to his constituents in the city’s northern neighborhoods.

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Lawmaker questions how Bing moved health funds, seeks a recall

Detroit-Mayor-Dave-BingA state representative from Detroit today asked for an investigation into Mayor Dave Bing’s handling of shifting the city’s public health department over to a private nonprofit institute, simultaneously kicking off an attempt to recall Bing over what he says is potential misuse of public funds.

Democratic State Rep. John Olumba sent a letter to Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette asking him to investigate whether the Bing administration moved $50,000 in city funds meant for the health department into private accounts for a nonprofit Institute for Population Health without approval of the City Council, as is legally required. Bing staff later put the money back into city accounts when the council raised objections.

State official wants investigation and recall of Detroit mayor.

Zenobia Jeffries – The Michigan Citizen

John Olumba

DETROIT – Again, allegations of corruption have resurfaced in Detroit city politics — in the city’s executive administration.State Rep. John Olumba (D-Detroit) has called for an investigation into Mayor Dave Bing’s office on the grounds of “fraud” and “embezzlement.”

In a letter obtained by the Michigan Citizen, dated Oct. 10 to Attorney General Bill Schuette, Olumba wrote: “I must bring to your attention actions by government officials and persons employed by the [C]ity of Detroit that may violate the laws of our state….I am particularly concerned with the approach of public office executives establishing private non-profits to handle government business.”    Continue reading

The Humpty Dumpty Politics of City Hall:


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Opinion Editorial: Rep. John Olumba

When city officials break systems down and eliminate departments they are hastening and solidifying Detroit’s failure.

I have come to the conclusion that this is an intentional course charted by Dave Bing. Humor me and bear witness to this short illustration. Bing is frantically running around in a panic shouting about the city running out of cash and a financial emergency. Perhaps some financial issues do exist, yet Dave Bing has allowed troubling turnovers in his administration as it pertains to a financial administrator. He eliminated the position of the chief financial officer a year ago. It thereby naturally follows that the city would have financial issues. Continue reading